Police Move Against Anti-Mining Activists' Blockade at German Village

Police began on January 10 removing blockades, and the activists often seen tied to them, near the German village of Lutzerath, which is scheduled for demolition to make way for a coal mine expansion.

The activist group Initiative Lutzerath called for more support on January 9, saying they were “defending” the village. They said the lignite mine expansion goes against Germany’s pledges under the Paris Agreement, Deutsche Welle reported.

Footage by Antonio Rohrßen shows the police presence at the protest site.

Police were asking over loudspeakers for protesters to “leave your blockades immediately,” according to German press reports.

Police from the nearby city of Aachen said on Sunday that activists were “pelting security forces and police officers” and that the “peaceful event in which the police acted extremely restrained … turned into violence for no comprehensible reason”. Police urged protesters to “refrain from further violent actions.” Credit: Antonio Rohrßen/Klimaliste Berlin via Storyful