Police in India get English speakers as dog seized from smugglers only understands English

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, July 19 — Police station in the Buxar district in Bihar, India had to get English speakers as a German Shepherd seized from two smugglers only understood English.

A police spokesman said the female dog was in the car with the suspects when police flagged it down for checks and they found six bottles of liquor in the vehicle, India Times reported.

The two occupants were also arrested after they failed their breathalyser tests and were later sentenced to jail in Buxar.

Their vehicle was also seized under the Bihar Excise and Prohibition Act.

The German Shepherd, said the spokesman, was now in custody at the station.

He said the dog only understood instructions in English.

“It is too expensive to keep the dog,” the spokesman said, adding that the dog was being fed corn flakes and dog food.

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