Police Help Rehome Duck and Ducklings in Greater Manchester

Police said officers took time on their break to release a duck and her ducklings to a nearby pond in Altrincham, England, after they had nested in the car park of their police station, footage released on August 25 showed.

In the footage, dated as July 21, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) officers are seen placing the ducklings one-by-one into the water as the duck waits on the water.

GMP said officers discovered that a duck had laid her eggs and reared her brood in the carpark at Altrincham police station.

Police said the family were “discovered looking confused and wandering around the carpark”, which “would have meant the duck family were at extreme risk of being run over in their attempt to find open water,” the police said. Credit: GMP Trafford South via Storyful

Video transcript