Police say they evacuated people from Ukraine's east

STORY: Video released by the Luhansk Region Police showed police officers helping residents to get from their homes to the evacuation bus, carrying their belongings and helping elder people to walk.

Lysychansk residents were evacuated by Luhansk Region Police jointly with Ukrainian Armed Forces servicemen, military administration and volunteers, police said.

One of local residents, name and surname not given, said she wanted to be evacuated because she was afraid to stay more and needed food and peace.

During transportation in a police car, she was showing another resident how neighbours’ houses were damaged.

“Oh you see, there is no kitchen at Svitlana’s (house). Here is your house, where you have been living. There. There is nothing: no windows, no doors,” she said.

Police said that 26 civilians have been evacuated from the Luhansk region. All evacuees have been transported to one of the cities in the Donetsk region, and later would be relocated to safe regions of Ukraine, police said.