Police Evacuate Arc de Triomphe Amid Bomb Threat, While Suspicious Package Found Near Eiffel Tower

Police in Paris evacuated an area near the Arc de Triomphe on October 27 following a bomb threat, local media reported, while separately a bag ‘likely to contain ammunition’ was discovered near the Eiffel Tower.

Video shows people on Avenue de la Grande Armée near the Arc de Triomphe, with police vans and a police cordon around the roundabout.

Actu Paris said police established a security perimeter around the Arc de Triomphe for reconnaissance, while at the same time a bag “likely containing ammunition” was discovered on the Champ-de-Mars near the Eiffel Tower, leading to the closure of Charles-de-Gaulle Étoile metro and the RER station.

Police discovered no evidence of a bomb near the Arc de Triomphe and resumed of the RER rail network and the city’s metro, Actu Paris reported. Credit: @murostuff via Storyful

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