Police Draw Weapons in Terrorist-Related Incident in Streatham

The UK’s Metropolitan Police said a man was shot dead by armed officers after a “number of people” were believed to have been stabbed in a terrorist-related incident in Streatham, London, on February 2.

The video shows police drawing weapons in response to the incident in Streatham.

Police said they believed two people had been injured.

Sunya Gogeer, who captured the video, told Storyful she shot the video from a nearby library.

“So I was in the library and heard a gunshot, everyone rushed outside but I stayed indoors,” said Gogeer. “I could see someone laying on the floor… and then we were told to evacuate the building. As I was leaving the building, I saw a lot of armed police officers and a helicopter” Credit: Sunya Gogeer via Storyful