Police Dog Sniffs Out Hiding Fugitive in Oklahoma City

An Oklahoma City Police Department K9 sniffed out a hiding fugitive at a business in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on Friday, December 2.

According to a post on the department’s Facebook page, the dog, named Bear, and his master sergeant responded to assist in the search after witnesses reported hearing loud explosions.

Upon entering the building, Bear sniffed out the suspect, identified as 52-year-old Troy Lee, who had an active felony fugitive warrant out in Minnesota, the post said.

Bodycam footage shared by the police department shows Bear entering the building and finding Lee before officers handcuff him at the scene.

According to news reports, Lee will be extradited to Minnesota.

KWTV reported that Lee was arrested on drug and felony eluding charges. Lee worked at the warehouse, the report said, but had converted his workspace into a bomb lab. Credit: Oklahoma City Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript





- Oh. Oh.

- Let me see your hands.

- Why?

- Your hands.

- Ah. Ah. Stop. Stop.

- Your hands.

- Oh, stop. Stop.

- Go on your belly. Go on your belly. Roll on your belly.

- Jeez. I ain't doing nothing.

- Roll on your belly.

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- Going to put a hand-cuff on.

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- Ow. Goddammit, dude.

- Put your hands behind your back.

- I'm fine. Get him off of me.

- Loose.


- Cool. Get off him, Bear. Good boy.


- Good boy.