Fearless police dog takes down dangerous driver after 90mph car chase

Watch: Fearless police dog takes down dangerous driver after 90mph car chase

This is the moment a fearless police dog helped to detain a dangerous driver after a 90mph car chase.

Police dash camera footage showed Luna holding down Ballal Hussain, 37, following a pursuit through Sheffield at around 4.30am on 27 May 2020.

The disqualified driver sped through residential streets, red lights and drove on the wrong side of the road during the 15-minute pursuit.

Hussain was eventually detained by PD Luna when fleeing from his Audi A3 after reaching 90mph in a 30mph zone.

Police dog Luna
Police dog Luna is very good at catching criminals. (South Yorkshire Police)

Hussain had denied being behind the wheel, but he was convicted by a jury of dangerous driving and driving while disqualified on Friday.

He was sentenced to 21 months in prison for dangerous driving and a further six months for disqualified driving, to run concurrently.

Sergeant Jake Broughton, investigating, said: "The Audi A3 was pulled over on Manor Oaks Road by two patrolling officers after they spotted its heavily tinted windows.

“As the officers approached the Audi, it sped off so they returned to their police vehicle and began a pursuit."

Hussain failed to provide a breath or saliva specimen but later said in an interview that he would class himself as "drunk" during the incident.

Sgt Broughton added: "Hussain appeared to get caught by the vehicle's momentum and was unable to get free of the car until it came to a stop by bouncing off some railings and back into an unmarked police car.

“He jumped over the vehicle's bonnet and ran down an alleyway, closely followed by PD Luna who quickly detained him."

Police dog Luna drinking a coffee. (South Yorkshire Police)
Police dog Luna drinking a coffee. (South Yorkshire Police)

PD Luna has been working for South Yorkshire Police since last year and celebrated her fifth birthday on 17 March.

She is trained in apprehending offenders, tracking scents to find suspects as well as missing people and locating property.

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Her handler, PC Matt Aris, said: “Luna’s faultless enthusiasm to work and protect the community of South Yorkshire is reflected in the results that she has had, not only personally but assisted in overall.

“She has helped detain suspects in burglaries, thefts and even those carrying knives and firearms.

“I am very grateful to have such an amazing dog to be my partner and I know she will always protect me.

“I look forward to many more years of fighting crime together with her.”

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