Police dismantle shrine to mafia boss

Police have arrested 21 people suspected of belonging to the Sibillo Camorra clan, on charges of mafia association, extortion, receiving stolen goods, drug dealing, prostitution, possession, and illegal carrying of firearms, a statement said.

The 19-year-old boss Emanuele Sibillo was the leader of a group of young mobsters.

He was the inspiration for writer and journalist Roberto Saviano in his book 'La paranza dei bambini' -- which in the Camorra jargon means group of armed children.

Sibillo was killed in an ambush in 2015 and the family placed his ashes in a building in central Naples, inside a shrine.

Some of the shopkeepers, who were victims of extortion by the gang, were summoned in front of the shrine, local media reported, adding one of them was forced to bow in front of Sibillo's bust.