Police Deploy Water Cannon at Tax-Reform Protest in Colombia

Colombian police deployed a watercannon to disperse protesters who had gathered to oppose national tax reform in the city of Bucaramanga on April 28.

This video, taken by Angie Peñaloza Granados, shows a crowd of protestors retreating from an armored vehicle mounted with a water cannon outside the Industrial University of Santander. The protestors are fired upon with torrents of water while they beat drums and wave flags.

“It was a peaceful march until the anti-riot squad arrived to disperse people with their water cannons,” Granados told Storyful, translated by Google. Granados alleged that the police also subdued protestors with stun guns.

One person is reported to have died in Cali on the same date in unspecified “events related to demonstrations,” according to Jorge Ivan Ospina, mayor of the city.

The subject of the protest was national tax reform proposed by President Ivan Duque’s government, which would increase taxes on individuals and businesses and eliminate many exemptions, according to Reuters. Credit: Angie Peñaloza Granados via Storyful