Police Chief Chokes Up During Press Conference Announcing Death of Officer in Helicopter Crash

Houston’s police chief fought back tears during a press conference in which he announced one of his officers had died after a helicopter crash in the early hours of May 2.

The helicopter was on a search after a reports of bodies floating in a bayou but crashed just after 2 am near the Biscayne Apartment complex in the Greenspoint area, north of the city. Police said both officers were flown to hospital in a critical condition after being cut out of the wreckage.

Police chief Art Acevedo told reporters early on Saturday morning that the tactical flight officer had died in hospital from his injuries. He said the officer left behind a wife and two young children. Chief Acevedo said the pilot was undergoing surgery and is “very banged up.” At one point, he becomes visibly emotional while discussing the crash.

Chief Acevedo said the aircraft could have crashed into heavily populated apartment complex. “There’s always a silver lining,” he said. “By the grace of god and some good piloting they avoided the building. Had they crashed into that apartment building with all those families in there it would have been a much different scene.”

Chief Acevedo said six people had been taken into custody after shots were fired in the area about 3 am. He said there was no indication the aircraft was fired at or shot down but that no stone would be left unturned in the investigation in to the cause of the crash.

“We have no idea what the cause was,” he said. Credit: Houston Police via Storyful