Police Chase Suspect Into Ohio Day Care Center

Children cried, and staff were shocked when police chased a suspect on foot into a day care facility in Warren, Ohio, on November 2.

The Warren Police Department said an officer tried to conduct a traffic stop after noticing a man wanted for an assault, but the man refused to pull over. Officers pursued the man until he crashed into a vehicle and continued to flee on foot, police said.

Bodycam footage released by police shows the suspect running into the Precious Times Child Care and Preschool.

The man runs into a classroom, upsetting several children before he is apprehended by officers.

Local media said the 39-year-old man, Lamar Mitchell, was facing 13 charges, including aggravated burglary, failure to comply, and multiple counts of aggravated menacing. Credit: Warren Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- Get your hands up.



- Get him!

- I've got him.

- Get the kids. Please, get the kids.


- Yeah, [INAUDIBLE].

- [INAUDIBLE] going to shoot.

- He act like it.


Radio, standby. We got him inside a building.

- [INAUDIBLE] I don't have nothing. What am I hitting the mouth with?


- No, [INAUDIBLE] in the mouth.


- Six volunteers are deployed.


- Freaking [INAUDIBLE]

- OK, all the kids are out.

- He was facing that way.

- He threw a gun. You want to point your finger at me? [INAUDIBLE]

- You told me you were going to--

- Don't yell at me.

- Oh, screw you.


- Ahh.

- Radio, we're going to need a squad over here.


- Just bring him out-- bring him out here and just sit him down.

- [INAUDIBLE] tell me that way.

- Just sit him down. Hey, go inside, get the information from the girls that were in there, the kids ages, and all that other stuff.


- When I tasered you.