Police arrest transgender woman for dancing in skimpy bikini in public in Thailand

Police have arrested a transgender woman for dancing in a bikini in public in Thailand. Ponksakorn Panbunmee, 23, went on Facebook Live and filmed herself wearing a skimpy purple bikini while gyrating provocatively in front of a temple, a police station, and a convenience store in Pathum Thani province on April 24 evening. She also did cartwheels across a road while cars were driving by. Cops were alerted to the cheeky video and pounced on terrified Ponksakorn the next day. They confronted her with the alleged evidence of her 'lewd' behaviour at the police station and ordered her to confess. Ponksakorn handed over the phones used to film the videos, as well as the revealing violet swimsuit she wore and a Bluetooth speaker that played music while she twerked. Officers said the transgender woman could face several charges including uploading data of a 'pornographic nature' into a computer system that the public can access, making noise that can incite public panic, blocking a public road, and 'unnecessary and obscene' exposure of body parts. Pongsakorn apologised for offending people who saw her dancing and for harming the image of the country. She said: 'I apologise to society if I did something wrong. I only did it to please my followers. I did not have any bad intentions. 'I'm sorry for harming the image of the country. It was my mistake.' Police Lieutenant Colonel Sirote Naannion said the transgender girl had been released on bail while officers process the case. He said: 'The suspect admitted wrongdoing and confessed that she was the person in the video. Officers are coordinating with the suspect and her lawayer regarding the charges she could face.'

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