Police Arrest Protesters Defying Covid-19 Restrictions in Berlin

Police in riot gear arrested dozens of people as a reported 1,200 anti-lockdown protesters gathered at Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany, on May 9.

Footage posted to Twitter by Ermal Ndini shows crowds chanting as riot police and protesters clash.

Ndini said on Twitter protesters were chanting “we are the people,” “unite,” and “resistance.”

According to local news reports, police used pepper spray to disperse protesters who gathered for the demonstration. The rally was not officially registered with police, reports said.

On the same day, around 3,000 protesters gathered in Munich, calling for lockdown restrictions to be eased.

German states have been slowly easing restrictions for a number of weeks; however, Deutsche Welle reported a steep rise in new cases on May 9.

As of May 10, Germany had 171,324 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 7,549 reported deaths. Credit: Erman Ndini via Storyful