Police announce festive season crackdown on texting while driving, among other violations

The Year of the Rat is almost upon us, and this Chinese New Year, Malaysia Royal Police (PDRM) have decided to launch a new operation stepping up enforcement against would-be lawbreaking drivers.

At a press conference yesterday, Deputy PDRM Chief Mazlan Mansor announced that officers will be conducting “Security Operation 16” nationwide between Jan. 18 and Feb. 1, targeting motorists on the road engaging in texting while driving, along with five other driving infractions.

In addition to texting while driving, police will be meting out fines to individuals who misuse the emergency lane, overtake in a non-overtaking zone, run red lights, cut through traffic, or engage in some good old fashioned speeding (in other words, all the laws they should be enforcing anyway). Those found guilty of committing the offenses will be fined RM300 (US$75), and this time, cops won’t play play – you won’t be able to “negotiate” your way out of these tickets, alright?

Oh, and they’ll also be on the lookout for any mat rempit (those quasi-antisocial renegade motorcyclists) out there racing in the streets.

Police are putting road safety at the forefront this Chinese New Year, blaming “negligent driving” for most accidents over the holiday season, and are reminding motorists to re-familiarize themselves with Malaysian road rules or face the hefty fines.

Well, yeah – duh. Don’t drive recklessly. Don’t text. Don’t tailgate. And for the love of the new year, and new beginnings, don’t be that douche that uses the emergency shoulder like it’s just another lane.

Gong xi, gong xi, y’all!!

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