Poland says it will send fighter jets to Ukraine

STORY: Poland announced on Thursday (March 16) it would send four MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine, making it the first of Kyiv’s allies to provide such aircraft.

One of Ukraine's staunchest supporters, Warsaw has taken a leading role in persuading sometimes hesitant allies to provide Kyiv with heavy weaponry.

The jets are expected to be delivered in four to six weeks.

Meanwhile, the constant boom of artillery fire filled the air near Bakhmut on Thursday.

From inside a hideout, a soldier from Ukraine’s 80th air assault brigade gives his assessment of the frontlines.

"The situation is quite difficult, but stable. The enemy constantly attempts to attack us, and we defend our positions quite effectively. We've been standing here for quite long already, and our brigade hasn't given up any positions."

Their position is not far from where Ukrainian and Russian troops are facing off outside of Bakhmut - a hotly contested city.

The crackle of small firearms can be heard here too.

Since a major Ukrainian counter-offensive last year, the war has settled into a grinding conflict of incremental gains, as Ukraine urges its allies in the West to supply more modern military hardware and ammunition.

While Russia appears to be in the ascendancy in key areas including Bakhmut, progress is slow and costly and Ukraine says it is determined to hold out.