Poland gears up for further military aid to Ukraine


Poland is developing plans to expand domestic munitions and military equipment production to sustain future security assistance to Ukraine, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said on Jan. 17, as reported by Reuters.

Sikorski said the new Polish government is considering all issues related to Ukraine with "fresh eyes."

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“We're examining what options we have of making more ammunition and equipment and also what we still have in our stores,” the minister said.

He added that Poland is telling its Western allies that the cost of containing Russia if Ukraine is defeated would be much greater than the cost of supplying Kyiv with weapons right now.

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“What we think and communicate to our allies is that the cost of deterring Putin after he'd conquered Ukraine would be much bigger than the cost of supplying Ukraine to effectively defend itself against his act of aggression,” Sikorski said.

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