Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a full fan-made game that lets you battle with fused versions of your favourite 'mons

 Psyduck looking stressed next to Misty
Psyduck looking stressed next to Misty

The Pokemon Fusion generators that took the internet by storm a little while ago have now been taken a step further in the form of a fully playable fan game.

You may remember the Pokemon Fusion generator that allowed players to fuse any two Pokemon together, often resulting in a very cursed-looking creature. Well, one fan has taken this to the next level and has developed a fan game - using the DNA Splicers from Pokemon Black and White 2 - where you can play a full storyline with the new spliced Pokemon that you create.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion was developed by a user known as 'Schrroms' and is playable on PC via PokeCommunity. Not only can you create the Pokemon of your dreams (or nightmares) using Pokemon from gen 1 and 2, as well as a selection from gen 3 to 7, but the game also has a unique sprite, stats, move pool, and Pokedex entry for each combination possible - of which there are 176,400 of them.

It's not all about combining Pokemon, though. The fan game also has a full Kanto region and Johnto postgame storyline, over 40 sidequests, 16 Gym Leaders from the Kanto and Johnto regions, 25 Legendary Pokemon to find, the ability to trade your blended Pokemon with NPCs, and so much more. The creator has even released update patches for the unofficial game, so it's also had a range of extra and quality-of-life features added to it too.

If you want to see some of this game in action, TikTok user 'SmoothestMango' has posted a series of videos sharing their Pokemon Infinite Fusion playthrough as well as their… interesting Pokemon combinations.

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