Pokémon Fan Makes Epic Paper Dioramas

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Here is a close up look at the paper houses and trees in the paper Pokémon diorama.
Here is a close up look at the paper houses and trees in the paper Pokémon diorama.

The paper diorama look suits Pokémon so well.

In honor of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s release, Twitter user Uma decided to create a paper diorama version of Twinleaf Town, the first town players encounter in the game.

Uma hoped that people who see his diorama will recall memories they had playing the original Diamond and Pearl when the games were first released fifteen years ago on the Nintendo DS.

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The papercraft’s base is styrofoam. On top of that, Uma placed brown paper to create the roads, green paper to make the grass, and white paper to make the snow. But the really impressive parts are the trees and houses.

Creating each individual tree was time-consuming, with each made from tree circles measuring 1 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm. The circles were folded repeatedly and then glued on top of each other, thereby creating the illusion of layered branches and foliage. Rolled brown paper then was used to create the trunk. Making one paper tree seems fiddly, but Uma ended up making a total of 51!

Making the houses seems even harder. The logs for each are tightly rolled brown drawing paper, which were they glued together one by one and then cut in an angle to support the roof. Bits of wood were also cut to make up the trim. Again, the process looks so fiddly, but the end result is fantastic. Completing the whole project took around sixty hours, reports Nifty.

This isn’t the first time Uma has created something like this. Last year, he recreated Pallet Town.

In this YouTube video, you can see how Uma created the Twinleaf Town paper craft project—it’s a bit like, the How to Draw an Owl meme, though.

If that wasn’t enough—and I guess, it’s not—Uma also made some excellent stop-motion animation.


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