"Pocky K.O. Challenge" returns to Street Fighter V

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The Pocky K.O. Challenge for Street Fighter V. (Photo: Street Fighter Twitter)
The Pocky K.O. Challenge for Street Fighter V. (Photo: Street Fighter Twitter)

The “Pocky K.O. Challenge” has returned to Capcom’s smash-hit fighting game, Street Fighter V (SFV), for the second-straight year, and this time includes more countries, including Singapore and The Philippines, Japanese food company Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. announced in a release on Tuesday (15 December).

The Pocky K.O. Challenge started as a campaign in last year’s Capcom Cup, the biggest annual tournament for SFV, where it was featured in a special exhibition match that quickly gained popularity among SFV and Pocky fans alike.

The Pocky K.O. Challenge revolves around getting a "Pocky K.O." in a match of SFV, which occurs when a player wins a Street Fighter V match while the player has a health gauge similar to a Pocky stick, Glico’s beloved chocolate-covered biscuit stick snack.

Players can get the chance to pull off a Pocky K.O., called "Pocky Chance”, when the ratio of the health bar-to-damage received is visually proportionate to the chocolate-to-stick ratio of a Pocky stick.

In last year’s campaign, SFV players were encouraged to post videos and images of successful Pocky K.O.’s on social media while a special Pocky SFV edition package was sold exclusively in the United States to commemorate the collaboration.

For this year, the campaign has been made more widely available in Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the United States.

Once again, Glico is encouraging fans to upload videos and images of successful Pocky K.O.’s on social media. Four lucky entries will be selected to get a chance to play against last year's winner of the Pocky K.O. Challenge, SFV pro Rob “RobTV” Burney, at a special exhibition match during the Pocky K.O. Grand Championship.

Entries will be accepted until 5 January 2021.

The winner of the live Pocky K.O. Challenge will receive a special prize, while fans can enjoy watching their favourite players go head-to-head in a special Pocky edition of SFV, which will showcase a unique user interface exclusive to the campaign on the official Glico Twitch channel on 25 January 2021.

Glico said that the return of the Pocky K.O. Challenge is part of the company’s effort “to uplift spirits during these trying times”, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the majority of the world.

“[The Pocky K.O. Challenge] allows Glico Group to remotely connect users and excite both players and audience around the world,” Glico said in a statement.

"We truly believe that esports brings excitement and happiness to both gamers and fans, with the potential to benefit our mental wellbeing. By partnering with Street Fighter V, we hope to spread the Pocky's brand message, 'Share happiness!' among Pocky's and Street Fighter V's many fans and commit ourselves in supporting the esports community", added Hihohisa Tamai, Glico’s Assistant Global Brand Manager.

While the 2020 Capcom Cup may have been delayed to December next year by the coronavirus pandemic, SFV fans still have much to look forward to this month. In addition to the return of the Pocky K.O. Challenge, a new patch for the game is expected to be released on Friday (18 December).

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