PN govt has allocated RM100,000 to opposition MPs, says Yeoh

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PN govt has allocated RM100,000 to opposition MPs, says Yeoh
PN govt has allocated RM100,000 to opposition MPs, says Yeoh

The Perikatan Nasional government has decided to allocate an RM100,000 to the opposition MPs, said Hannah Yeoh.

The Segambut MP said following the joint statement issued by 32 opposition MPs calling for the release of the allocation, they have finally been notified on the matter.

"This fund would be parked with ICU (Implementation Coordination Unit) in Jabatan Perdana Menteri and I can apply to use them for various programmes in Segambut this year.

"The RM3.5million for Segambut constituency (which I had earlier questioned as to which PN politician has control and access to this fund) also comes from ICU.

"As of today - Bersatu and MCA reps said they don't know anything about it. We will continue to press for an answer," said Yeoh in a statement posted on her Facebook.

After the joint statement issued by 32 Opposition MPs calling for the release of allocation to us, we have been notified...

Posted by Hannah Yeoh on Friday, February 5, 2021

Yeoh had earlier said that opposition MPs have not received a single penny of allocation from the federal government.

This is after Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi complained that he was only getting RM100,000 in allocation which he claimed was similar to what was given to opposition representatives.

In contrast, Zahid claimed his counterparts in PN were getting RM3.7 million in allocations.

Yesterday, Segambut MCA chief Daniel Ling denied the allegation and called on Yeoh to show proof of her allegation that her RM3.5 million annual constituency allocation is being channelled to a PN politician instead.

He said neither the party's division nor any of the PN volunteer teams in the constituency have ever been allocated or received any funding for their services and that MCA's community work is entirely independently funded.

Meanwhile, Yeoh added that she was completely overwhelmed by the response of supporters and residents who have donated to keep her office going.

"This amount of RM160,055.08 came about because 1,217 donors believe in what we do. I was particularly moved by a donor who deposited RM25 with a note ‘Love from Sabah’.

"This love gift of RM160,055.08 will help support the operational costs for my office and carry us through half a year. On behalf of Team #Segambut, we thank you!" said Yeoh.