PM Orders Inquiry After People Freeze to Death When Vehicles Stuck in Snow Near Murree

At least 21 people froze to death after their vehicles became stranded in snow near the resort town of Murree, in Punjab, Pakistan, according to a report on January 8 from Dawn News citing the country’s Rescue 1122 service.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan said he was “shocked and upset” by the deaths and ordered an inquiry. He said “unprecedented snowfall” and a rush of people proceeding without checking the weather caught the district administration unawares.

The chief minister of Punjab declared an emergency. Usman Buzar said an operation was under way to evacuate those remaining stranded.

This footage shows the scene just outside Murree. A number of vehicles are seen stranded in the snow. A large number of people are seen walking along a snow-lined road, some being helped by others. Credit: Anwaar Ishraq Abbasi Adv via Storyful

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