PM compares Ayodhya judgement on Nov 9 to breaking down of Berlin Wall on a November 9 too

New Delhi [India], Nov 9 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said the Supreme Court verdict on the land dispute in Ayodhya has come on November 9, the same date of the month on which the Berlin Wall fell, and it gives a lesson of moving forward by being united.

The Prime Minister also said that the Kartarpur corridor was inaugurated earlier today on November 9, which has been constructed with the co-operation of India and Pakistan.

"Today is November 9. It is the date when the Berlin Wall fell. Two opposite ideologies took a new resolve by coming together," said Prime Minister Modi in his address to the nation on the day the apex court gave its landmark verdict.

The Berlin Wall separated East and West Berlin, both physically and ideologically.

Modi said: "Today is November 9 and Kartarpur Sahib corridor has been inaugurated. In this, there has cooperation between India and of Pakistan. Today with the decision on Ayodhya, this date of November 9 is giving us a lesson of moving forward by being united."

The Prime Minister said that the message of the day was "of fostering unity, of being united and living together."

He also said it was a day to forget any lingering bitterness.

"If there has been some bitterness in the mind of any person on these things, it is the day to get rid of them. There should be no place for fear, bitterness, negativity in New India," said Prime Minister Modi. (ANI)