PM: Chicken exports on hold until shortage problem in Malaysia solved, regrets rising prices

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, May 23 — Putrajaya today announced several short-term solutions to deal with the rising prices and shortage of chicken in the country.

“The government regrets and is disappointed with the actions of some companies that stopped the supply of chicken, causing an increase in prices and lack of supply in the market.

“As a short-term measure, today’s Cabinet meeting has made several resolutions on the issue of supply as well as chicken prices at present,” said Prime Minister Ismail Sabri in a statement this evening.

He said that the government would put a halt to its exports of 3.6 million chickens a month beginning June 1, 2022 until the prices and stock of chicken in the country stabilises.

He also announced that the government would look into creating a buffer stock of chicken and optimising cold storage facilities that are owned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI).

Besides that, the prime minister also announced that they would abolish approved permits (AP) of poultry to increase opportunities for the involvement of importers to provide more sources of supply, simplify the subsidy claim process for chicken farmers, and increase the number of slaughter houses abroad to increase the supply of chicken.

He added that the government is aware of reports that there are cartels controlling prices and chicken production among the larger companies.

He said that the Malaysian Competition Commission (MyCC) has already been tasked to investigate the matter and that it is expected to be finished in June.

“If it is found that there is a cartel, the government will take legal action against them,” he said.

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