PM Anwar tells Sarawak to go ahead with needed repairs for schools and clinics

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUCHING, June 22 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim tonight he has agreed for the Sarawak government to proceed with repair work on dilapidated schools and clinics as well as the construction of the cancer centre.

“If things can be expedited, we approve. If not, then Sarawak can proceed first with the repair works and the construction of the cancer centre,” he said at the Sarawak-level Gawai Dayak dinner at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) here.

“This is easy. Not need too much bureaucracy, encumbrances that will cause further delay.”

He said there are a number of projects that did not need to wait for Putrajaya’s approval to proceed.

“You have to believe the management in Kapit and Kuching. If you want, do it first so long as you follow financial procedure and not try to get commission out of the implementation of the projects,” Anwar said.

He said this is the decision of the federal government now.

He said this procedure will expedite the implementation for the benefit of the people.

“This shows that there is a trust between the district, state and federal government,” he said, adding that trust is the thing that he always wants to fight for in the management of projects.

He said he will instruct the federal Ministry of Finance to channel RM100 million immediately on Monday so it can be used in Sarawak without any problem.

He said he does not want the federal government to owe Sarawak of any debt.

Earlier, Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari Openg announced the state government allocation of RM100 million each for fixing dilapidated schools and clinics in Sarawak, fulfilling the-promise he made to Anwar.

He said he and the prime minister, who was visiting Sarawak during a fasting month in March this year, had discussed how to expedite rural development, especially on the health and education sector.

He said that they agreed that there should be a collaboration between the state and federal governments to speed up the implementation of the projects so that Sarawak will use its own funds first.

He said the federal government will then reimburse the state after repair work has been carried out.

He said this will certainly have positive effects in our efforts to develop rural areas.

He said the state government has set aside the allocation of RM100 million for dilapidated schools and another RM100 million for dilapidated clinics.

He said repair works must be carried out within 18 months.

“This will surely speed up the repair work to be carried out.

“This is the best collaboration between the state and federal governments, hopefully it will lead to a lot of positive results in the efforts to develop the rural areas,” he said.