PM Anwar says ending corruption needs clear political will, vows to see it through

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, May 13 ― Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today said eradicating corruption is an immense task and requires clear political will, adding that he has taken it upon himself to see it through.

Anwar was asked to comment on local think tank Emir Research’s recent findings that Malaysia has lost RM4.5 trillion to corruption and leakages over 26 years.

“I take it upon myself to make this a serious policy decision even in the face of attacks and resistance from those who have corruptly enriched themselves, but I am taking an approach where Malaysia needs to be saved from these groups and this requires clear political will.

“This is not an issue about race or one's religious beliefs but a matter concerning one's character and morality,” he told reporters attending the Malaysia Madani open house at Dataran Merdeka here.

Since coming into power last November, Anwar has continuously spoken out against corruption by pledging to tackle misconduct “without fear or favour” and has assured his administration would not tolerate corruption regardless of an official’s rank or political connections.

Acknowledging the problem at hand, Anwar said a blanket order has been issued to all enforcement agencies and financial regulators to take any means necessary as provided under the law.

Among the agencies Anwar cited were the police, Inland Revenue Board, Bank Negara Malaysia and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

“I often get asked by others why I am speaking out, I am speaking out so that people are aware.

“We must speak out but I cannot be giving orders one by one because those who are enriching themselves remain untouched while actions are taken against those below them, that is why I gave a blanket order.

“I also do hope the rakyat, regardless of their political alignment or ethnic, can render their support to the government's ongoing fight against corruption,” he said.