'Please get me out': Kharkiv resident after shelling

STORY: She ran to the bathroom only to find herself under chunks of rubble raining down on her from the floor above.

"I saw lights, the headlights of rescuers and I started screaming 'I am alive, please get me out'. The rescuers entered the hallway, knocked down the door and took me out," she told Reuters outside the apartment block that used to be her home.

Popovichuk was among the lucky ones, she was pulled out alive and uninjured from under the rubble of a partially collapsed building hit by Russian shelling.

A few hours later Russian shelling of the city killed at least three people and wounded dozens.

An official from Ukrainian president's office said residential areas had been struck when Russia fired rockets from multiple rocket launchers at the city.

Russia, which invaded Ukraine on February 24 in what it called a "special military operation", denies targeting civilians.

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