PlayStation Showcase's 'game of the show' is drawing a lot of attention from the Sekiro fandom

 Phantom Blade 0
Phantom Blade 0

The slick new action-RPG Phantom Blade Zero is getting lots of interest from Sekiro fans.

Sony's recent PlayStation Showcase offered a plethora of exciting announcements from some of the biggest series, including the unveiling of the long-rumoured Metal Gear Solid 3 remake as well as the release date for Assassin's Creed Mirage, and a new trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Still, for many, it was Phantom Blade Zero, a bleak and brutal new action-RPG, that stole the show.

"Phantom Blade Zero was game of the show IMO," said Twitter user @NextGenPlayer. "A genuine surprise and looks awesome - definitely a day one game." Others described what was shown in the reveal trailer as "simply incredible" and disgustingly good."

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As the trailer shows, combat is fast-paced and frenetic, with protagonist Soul using sweeping sword attacks and deflective manoeuvres to make short work of the enemies in his path. While it seemingly takes inspiration from a wide selection of action titles, it's caught the interest of Sekiro fans in particular.

"I have a feeling that we will like this game," says one user over on the Sekiro subreddit. Many said how impressed they are with Phantom Blade Zero's combat, while others reckon the animations look "insanely good." With a sequel to Sekiro nowhere to be seen, fans are hopeful that this will offer the same brutal yet immensely satisfying sword battles as From Software's samauri-style soulslike. Monkeywrench08 wrote, "Seems like this will scratch my Sekiro itch."

That being said, others aren't as sold on Phantom Blade Zero just yet and feel that battles are too showy and lack weight. "Honestly, I thought the combat looked like a lot of flash and not a lot of substance," commented one user. "Like a lot of button mashing, but I hope I'm wrong. The style looks cool."

Phantom Blade Zero is being developed by Beijing-based studio S-Game. It's coming to PC and PS5, but no release date has yet been set.

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