Is the PlayStation Portal sold out? Where to buy Sony's PS5 handheld

The PlayStation Portal lets you stream games from your PS5 (Sony)
The PlayStation Portal lets you stream games from your PS5 (Sony)

The PlayStation Portal was quickly snapped up by eager gamers upon its release leaving it out of stock in most places.

Budding players were then given a glimmer of hope when Sony announced that it would be restocked last week (Wednesday, November 22), followed by Amazon on Sunday (November 26). But, that stock has also now gone, meaning shoppers looking to grab the handheld for Christmas will have to wait.

To help you pounce as soon as it’s available, we’ve listed all the places you can currently buy the PlayStation Portal below. At the time of writing, it’s sold out everywhere apart from resale sites like eBay, where the asking price is typically higher.

PlayStation Portal stock checker

PlayStation Direct - Check stock

Sony’s digital store had a restock on November 22 but it was instantly snatched up by shoppers.

Amazon - Check stock

The PlayStation Portal was last in stock on Amazon on November 26.

Smyths - Check stock

Game - Check stock

The PlayStation Portal was briefly in stock at Game on November 21.

Currys - Check stock

Argos - Check stock

Very - Check stock 

What is the PlayStation Portal?

The PlayStation Portal is a £200 gaming handheld that connects to your PS5 over the internet to let you play the games in your library. It can even be played on the go, as long as you can find a Wi-Fi signal strong enough to ensure there’s no lag. In fact, if you have unlimited mobile data, you could even use your phone as an internet hotspot for your Portal.

Is the PlayStation Portal worth it?

If you simply want a portable way to play the PS5 games you own around the house, then the PS Portal is your best bet. Of course, you can already do that on your laptop and mobile through the same Remote Play function Sony’s handheld provides. Still, for some, the convenience of having a dedicated device to play in bed or other rooms may be unbeatable.

On the other hand, there are plenty of handheld alternatives to the Portal that let you play PS5 games and more.