PlayStation Network And Xbox Live Are Down, And The Notorious Hacker Gang ‘Lizard Squad’ Is Taking Credit

Dave Smith

Hackers don’t take a holiday, it seems.

Hours after Microsoft’s Xbox Live went down earlier today, Sony’s PlayStation Network is now down, too.

Like the earlier incident, the notorious hacker group “Lizard Squad” is claiming responsibility for taking down PlayStation Network on Twitter, saying it has downed both networks with DDoS attacks — basically, intentionally overloading servers by sending a flood of bogus web traffic.

Sony’s “AskPlayStation” Twitter account has acknowledged the service issue, but has not stated whether or not it’s the result of a DDoS attack.

“Lizard Squad” issued a threat last week that it would take down the PlayStation and Xbox Live networks over Christmas. Another hacker gang, called “The Finest Squad,” had apparently exposed several Lizard Squad identities online, and it also learned that Lizard was taking the big game networks using DDoS attacks.

Lizard Squad has been tweeting about these outages all day, increasing its number of Twitter followers by giving false hope to Twitter users about possibly restoring service to the downed game networks.

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