'Playing in Traffic': Motorists Break Out Foosball Table in M6 Standstill

Motorists were stuck in a miles-long traffic jam on the M6 Motorway near Preston, England, on Friday, July 29.

Liam Lackey captured this spell of fun amid the agony of standstill traffic.

According to Lackey, he and his mates were on their way to a stag do — otherwise known as a bachelor party — in Lancaster with a foosball table in tow when they got caught in the jam.

“The two on the right hand side of the video were going to the stag do. The two on the left were in a car next to us and got out to play,” Lackey told Storyful.

The delays were caused by a vehicle fire that damaged part of the roadway, according to National Highways. Credit: Liam Lackey via Storyful

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