Playful sea lions in Galapagos Islands delight swimmers at the beach

These swimmers were exploring the shoreline and tidal pools on San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos. They had been admiring the sea lions on land, delighted with their antics and strong resemblance to our canine friends, the dogs. When these swimmers entered the water, they were thrilled to be met by a group of playful and energetic youngsters. In sea lion terms, these are teenagers. Trusting of people and far to agile to be caught or harmed by a clumsy human, they have no need to fear as they pass closely and play among the swimmers.

The sea lions rolled and spiraled and they seemed to respond with great enthusiasm when the swimmers did the same. It was a true example of human animal connection and communication as the pups obviously understood that they were being imitated and they too were eager to imitate the playful behaviour themselves.

Sea lions are one of nature's most endearing creatures. A trip to Galapagos Islands to see these wonderful animals is well worthe the journey