Playful Parrot Sings ‘Baby Shark’ Perched Upon His Cage

Henry the parrot was filmed singing and dancing to the catchy “Baby Shark Dance”. The bird’s musical talent was recorded by owner Hayley Fowler on January 19 at her home in Monkton, Kent, England.

The yellow-naped Amazon was shown standing on his cage door, humming “doo doo doo doo doo” in time with the children’s song.

“He had already started dancing with the Baby Shark song a little when we got him,” Fowler told Storyful. "We played Baby Shark lots and sang and danced with him. So he picked it up even more. "

Henry is about one year old. Fowler told Storyful she purchased the parrot when it was six months old. Credit: Hayley Fowler via Storyful