Playful kittens are thrilled with their new toy

These kittens are experiencing joy for the first time. They have just arrived at their rescue sanctuary and their bellies are full. These kittens are having a wonderful time playing with their new toys at the Black Dog Farm and Rescue. They are in the best possible place they could be, but this might have been a narrow escape for these tiny creatures. To see them so carefree, chasing their tails and their ball is enough to warm the heart. Black Dog Farm and Rescue is an amazing facility that operates in Texas. The owners, Jennifer and Jim have been rescuing animals for several years and their sanctuary is home to dogs, cats, cows, hens and a guinea pig. They have hearts of gold and they cannot turn away an animal in need. As Jennifer and Jim were parking and preparing to go into a store for food, they saw a truck in the parking lot behind the store. A man stood by a kennel with a sign that advertised "free kittens". Although there were no signs of abuse or neglect, and the kittens seemed to have been well cared for, Jennifer knew this situation was a recipe for disaster. Jennifer knows from experience that not all "free" animals end up in good homes. In fact, some animals end up being sold to illegal dog fighting rings, or for food for other pets. Jennifer explains how she accepted all four kittens without even laying eyes on them, and that they found their way to Black Dog Farm. She also recorded their first moments at the farm as they play and explore their toys happily. Jennifer has seen the tragedy that can befall kittens or any other pets that are given away without proper background information on their prospective owners. Black Dog Farm and Rescue accepts some of the neediest and most desperate animals. Many are permanently adopted, and some move on. But every single animal that comes into their care will be provided a carefully selected forever home, or they simply never leave. The farm is a wonderful place with acres for the animals to run and play. They are provided with vet care and excellent nutrition. Socialization and mental stimulation are important here as well, and the animals thrive and respond well to the kindness and love that they find here. Please look them up on Facebook and follow the heart warming stories or see what you can do to help them accomplish the magic that they make happen for these deserving souls.

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