Playful Dogs Bound Through Freshly Fallen Snow in Buffalo

A group of playful dogs bounded through freshly fallen snow in Buffalo, New York, during an unseasonable winter storm on April 19.

This footage, filmed by Ashley Hajdu, shows three energetic dogs clambering to escape and explore the outdoors.

According to the National Weather Service snow was falling at a rate of one inch per hour on Tuesday morning, warning that the wintry conditions were set to continue through to Wednesday.

National Grid said on Twitter that the storm had caused “extensive tree and line damage” in the northern parts of the state, with more than 170,000 customers left without power. Credit: Ashley Hajdu via Storyful

Video transcript

- What? Outside? All right, get down. All righty, are we ready? Snow day. It's a snow day. Snow day. Go play. Have fun. Go play. [INAUDIBLE] what are you doing?

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