Playful calf bounces with joy when her friend visits and pets her

Hope loves attention and she loves when her friend Dave visits to pet her and play with her. A very unusual calf, she is affectionate with people much more than is typical. Hope is only five days old. Her mother, Fiona is also very affectionate and good natured. Within a few hours of being born, Fiona proudly introduced Hope to Dave and the two hit it off famously. Dave visits the cows almost every day during calving season, to check on them and also to see if there are any new babies in the meadow. Hope is always the first to come out of the herd to greet him.

Hope lives on a beautiful farm where the cows graze freely and wander miles of lush, green pasture. It's a very happy life here and the cows are treated more like pets than farm creatures. They respond very well to kindness, as they are used to being handled well by the wonderful farmers who take care of them.