Plants and Furniture Washed Away by Floodwater on Austrian Street

Plants and furniture were washed away from storefronts amid severe flooding in Hallein, Austria, on July 17.

This video, filmed by Jurgen Kerschbaummayr, shows floodwaters rushing down the street, which is lined with shops, restaurants, and businesses.

“Ground floors have already been evacuated,” Kerschbaummayr wrote as he posted the video. “A civil defense alarm has been called.”

The mayor of Hallein, Alexander Stangassinger, called the flooding a “disaster”, but said that he was proud of how the citizens of the town reacted to the emergency.

Across Europe, at least 188 people have been killed during the flooding.

The precarious weather in Hallein had calmed by July 19, with local rivers retreating and the clean-up beginning. Credit: Jurgen Kerschbaummayr via Storyful