Plane Jane says she would've voted herself as “Drag Race” Miss Congeniality if she was allowed

Plane tells EW why she thinks there was a Miss C tie, talks Amanda Tori Meating's reaction shot, and shares her franchise future: "I can’t be tamed."

Clear the RuPaul's Drag Race runway: Miss Plane Jane is coming in for a landing amid her congenial era.

But, before she can do so, she has a lot of baggage to claim at the airport after tearing through one of the most-talked-about runs on Drag Race in her-story, from her confrontations with Amanda Tori Meating, shady confessionals, and her deliberately camp (exponentially busty) approach to the art form. Now, after finishing as the season's second runner-up, Plane tells Entertainment Weekly she's ready to enter her congenial era — or, at least she was when it came time to vote for Miss Congeniality.

Amid revealing that she initially wanted to vote for herself for the award (more on that later), Plane's exit interview also sees her address eventual season winner Nymphia Wind's claim that she influenced the Miss C vote in other ways, react to Amanda's hilarious facial reaction shot that aired during Friday's grand finale, break down her approach to her "Body Suit" bop, (kind of) explain what she would've done if she'd made it to the final lip-sync, and tease her potential future on another season of Drag Race. Read on for the full Q&A.

<p>MTV</p> Plane Jane on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' season 16 finale


Plane Jane on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' season 16 finale

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Plane, you had one of the most memorable runs on this show of all time, not only for your personality, but also the twists — including giving eventual winner Nymphia your immunity potion when she likely would’ve been in the bottom. Knowing how much of a competitor you are, do you regret giving Nymphia the potion?

PLANE JANE: F--- yes! Of course I do. No, honestly, I generally have no regrets. I was raised just like Kimora Blac with the religious perspective of positive vibes. Everything that’s meant to happen, will happen. Everything that is meant to be, will be. Everything this season panned out exactly how it should’ve. I don’t regret giving Nymphia the immunity potion, because ultimately it was a redeeming moment for me from the moment I apparently snubbed her in the first episode when we did Rate-a-Queen… no one went home that episode anyway, girl, so it’s like, who cares? [Laughs] It exemplified my strength in the face of riggory, because how was I in the bottom that episode? There was no way.

You entered with such confidence and talked a big game this season. How do you feel about placing third after that?

I think I backed up every piece of smack that I talked this season, and I’m extremely proud of every aspect of my performance, including the finale. I gave a fantastic showing. Nymphia and Sapphira are incredible queens and competitors. It was fair. Of course, it was disappointing not to get a chance to partake in the final lip-sync, but that mild disappointment I felt in the moment pales in comparison to the sense of pride and accomplishment I felt for being a finalist on such an incredible season with such a stacked cast.

What would you have done for the final lip-sync if you made it?

I had so many stunts that Nymphia’s boba reveal would’ve paled in comparison to the level of goopery and gaggery I had in store. I had things planned to come out of every orifice of my body. I was going to spread my ass cheeks and nickels were going to fall out of my goocher. It was going to be insane, on a whole different level. Condiments flying. Actual burgers…. I had a nipple reveal where actual large burgers were going to come out of my nipples. They’d squirt actual burger patties. I was going to gag the children, but the reason I think I wasn’t pushed through is I don’t think America was ready. Maybe sometime in the future I will truly get to wow national and international audiences with my gags and stunts that I would’ve pulled in this finale lip-sync.

Did you just make that up right now?

Of course. Absolutely. [Laughs] Or did I? You’ll never know.

Your solo performance to “Body Suit” was funny, can you describe your approach to the song?

My true nature is that of being extremely unserious. I wanted to keep that energy of camp, fun, and unseriousness. A critique that I’ve heard not just from Michelle but also from my fellow castmates who are bitter and jealous — and it became clear during the makeover challenge — that I was just wearing body suits, while they had these extravagant yet clownish outfits. I’m going to sock it to ‘em and make my finale song all about body suits. At the end of the day, my body suits are immaculate. I wore the best body suits of anybody the entire season. I could be wearing body suits and the judges still eat it up, because they recognize true talent whether it’s in a body suit or not. I thought it would be a fun way to double down on a critique I received from my fellow castmates. Some could say it didn’t serve me or I should’ve taken the approach more seriously, but I can’t approach drag in a serious way…. Maybe I should’ve had a few other body suit reveals, but otherwise I’m really happy with how everything turned out.

Another epic moment from the finale was the cut to Amanda’s face while you spoke to RuPaul after the performance. What did you think of that?

You are so messy! I thought it was funny, I thought it was camp, of course a fun little Easter egg of the continuation of the Amanda-Plane drama which, dare I say, was the most iconic, divisive drama of the season. Ultimately, I think it was a funny tidbit. Whether Amanda was actually making that face in the moment or not, I don’t think she’s genuinely bitter or anything, but it was fun as an audience member to see that.

In the winner reaction video on YouTube, you said nice things about Amanda’s look!

Absolutely. At this point, I’m over dogging on Amanda. She’s experienced a fantastic glow-up, and it’s indicative of the glow-up that any drag queen who takes their drag seriously is bound to experience. Kudos to Amanda. Mama, kudos for wearing that. For slaying.

Speaking of congenial things, Nymphia told me in her winner interview that she initially wanted to vote for Hershii LiqCour-Jeté for Miss Congeniality, but you told her to vote for Xunami Muse. Who else did you tell to vote for Xunami, and why did you try to influence the vote?

People need to stop making Nymphia speak. Where you went wrong was interviewing Nymphia and influencing words to come out of her mouth! My sister tends to misspeak. I’m here to tell you that nothing like that happened, I’d never run a spear campaign against Hershii LiqCour-Jeté of all people. Hershii is very sweet. She was a viable contender for Miss Congeniality, I didn’t tell anybody to not vote for anybody. I was just very vocal about the fact that I thought my sister Xunami deserved Miss Congeniality. She was the heart of the season, so positive and in such high spirits and bringing up the energy of the room — even more so than they showed. I’ll take responsibility for that because some of Xunami’s moments had to be sacrificed to make more room for me and screen time for myself and iconic moments, naturally. Sorry to all the girls that I just dominated and sucked up so much air out of the room. It’s not really my fault that I’m such a huge, bright star with such an immense gravitation pull when it comes to camera time.

Did you try to vote for yourself, or were you not allowed to?

You were not allowed to vote for yourself, otherwise of course I would’ve voted for myself! We voted for three people — the first person got the most points.

<p>MTV</p> Plane Jane on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' season 16 finale


Plane Jane on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' season 16 finale

Like a preferential ballot?

Exactly. Sapphira was congenial and mother-like and motherly. I think a lot of people voted for Sapphira because they believed that nobody was congenial throughout the season and they thought Sapphira couldn’t win Miss Congeniality anyway because she’s a finalist, so we’re going to throw this vote away. That’s not to say Sapphira wasn’t congenial — of course she was. We saw her motherly and nurturing instincts come out! But, I think that’s why there was a tie this season.

I know it’s soon after the finale, but if All Stars comes knocking, would you go back, and do you think you would enter as a villain or would you try to be a congenial, reformed villain?

I'd go back. I don’t know if I’d go back right away. I want to take a bit of time to make sure I’m able to develop as an artist. My favorite part about watching an All-Stars season is the actual glow-up…. Seeing how much they’ve grown in their artistry from their last season, or first season, or, in Jujubee’s case, their last five seasons. I’m interested in coming back if the offer is extended. I want to take some time to become my own superstar outside of the show.

Would I come back and aim to be the villain? I don’t know, girl. I’d just go back, aim to be myself, and make great television. If that involves throwing some pearls under some bitch’s legs, reading them to filth, so be it! That’s who I am. I can’t be tamed, baby.

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