Plane Hits Antenna Before Crash-Landing at Argentinean Airshow

A plane crash-landed at an airshow in Argentina on November 5 after colliding with an antenna, leaving four people with minor injuries.

Video by Juan Emanuel Barrios captures the aircraft flying low before its right wing hits the antenna.

According to Argentina’s Transportation Safety Board, the pilot was forced to make a crash-landing because the wing was damaged, which resulted in four festival spectators suffering minor injuries.

Barrios told Storyful he was in attendance for the 75th anniversary of the festival Bragado Vuela, an airshow in Bragado City, Argentina.

“The pilot was able to land safely. As for the DHC-1 Chipmunk aircraft, its right wing was damaged. The fuselage was apparently intact, and the pilot uninjured,” he said. Credit: Juan Emanuel Barrios via Storyful