A plan for victory in Ukraine. How to overcome political hurdles in the US Congress — opinion

This plan has already been discussed before, but now it is being increasingly discussed in expert circles.

It has become known that three Republican-led committees of the House of Representatives have released a document severely criticizing the Biden administration for insufficient assistance to Ukraine. It is called the "Plan for Victory in Ukraine". Actually, it has already been discussed before, and now it is being discussed more and more actively in expert circles. Among other things, it is proposed to immediately provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons, both ATACMS and F-16s, and to give Ukraine frozen Russian assets.

In Republican circles, most understand this.

The combination of these three points - the military assistance that we need, the tightening of sanctions so that the Russian economy begins to collapse as quickly as possible, and frozen Russian assets - if you put it all together, this is the key to our victory.

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In Republican circles, most understand this. There are these hype people who are called Trumpists, but there are a handful of people who are populists who feed on hype and nothing more. The sober-minded part of the Republicans is sane. Nikki Haley is a perfect example of this when she says reasonable things that resonate in the minds and hearts of many Republicans and ordinary Americans. So, it goes to show that we are on the right track. If we work with the Republicans, but do not interfere in any way with their internal party debates and discussions, then the decision to provide us with assistance will be made in the near future.

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In general, their demands are correct. Why can't we still get the same long-range missiles of 300-500 kilometers and not only defend ourselves against those missiles launched from the same Saratov airfield by Russian strategic aviation but also hit those planes on the spot? Why can't we get $300 billion from Russia for a war against Russia itself? These talks about how this could somehow violate international law are for fools. The Russian Federation, which has trampled international law repeatedly, brazenly, and joyfully, should be treated in the same way so that it understands what it is doing.

There are a lot of reasonable things in this document. I think that if both Democrats and Republicans unite in their desire to help Ukraine, the situation on the battlefield, and therefore in Russia itself, will begin to change in our favor very, very quickly.

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Turning to the Russian frozen assets that could be provided to Ukraine: There are two ways to use these funds. First, to rebuild what can be rebuilt now, although the risk of the Russian aggressor using the same missiles does not disappear. That money can also be used for the purchase of weapons for Ukraine. This relieves huge internal problems in some countries, such as the United States. Very often, some populist Republicans accuse Biden of spending American money on distant Ukraine. They say we have a lot of problems ourselves. Why should we give money away? This is unimaginable on the scale of the American budget. But even so, for populists, $3 is a lot of money. So, if this confiscated money is used to buy the weapons we need from the Americans, then, sorry, the discussion stops.

Maybe, of course, some Republicans don't like this because they will lose a pivotal point in their program of criticizing Biden. Nevertheless, common sense will prevail, and this will not happen.

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