Study reveals surprising place in the UK where it's loneliest to work

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New research has found that London is the loneliest place in the UK to work. (Getty images)
Research has found that London is the loneliest place in the UK to work. (Getty images)

Researchers have found that London may not be all it's cracked up to be for employees.

A study has determined that the capital is the loneliest place in the UK to work.

The findings, by team-building company Wildgoose, showed that almost half – or 47% – of those with jobs in London said they didn't have workplace friendships.

This was two times the rate in Scotland and in other parts of the country.

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To make matters worse, those employed in London are three times more likely to rely on their workplace for socialising.

The study found that happiness and friendships in their job was the prime focus for those working in the capital – with 57% admitting they'd choose it over a higher salary.

Researchers asked employees from 1,052 companies – including 246 people working in London – about their workplace friendships in order to explore the mental health impact.

The findings are particularly important, since previous research has compared the health effect of loneliness to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

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What's more, the latest study shows that UK companies are lonelier places compared to 2017, when another similar survey was conducted, with the pandemic suggested to be the driving force.

Jonny Edser, managing director at Wildgoose, said: "Some people have started jobs without meeting their new colleagues, which must be especially tough.

"Hopefully those people can now get to know their new workmates properly.

"And companies need to realise that face-to-face social events play a huge role in that, particularly when people have lacked social interaction in their everyday lives.

"For many people, what’s been missing is the chance to have fun with colleagues, rather than just focusing on work."

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