A Place in the Sun host says it’s ‘still very hard’ to talk about Jonnie Irwin

A Place in the Sun host Jasmine Harman has spoken out about the “bittersweet” 20th anniversary of the show, and the absence of her late co-presenter Jonnie Irwin.

Irwin died aged 50 in February after receiving a terminal brain cancer diagnosis in 2020.

In a new interview with The Mirror, Harman, who worked on the holiday home show with Irwin since its 2004 debut, has reflected on the programme as it approaches its 20th anniversary.

“I am so proud to have been part of A Place in the Sun for 20 years,” she began.

“It has been life-changing for so many people and to be able to help hundreds of couples – last time I counted it was 440. It has changed my life in so many ways, too.

“I met my husband (a cameraman) Jon on the programme, we’ve got two children, Joy, nine, and Albion, seven, now and I feel proud to be able to show people that anything is possible.”

However, celebrating the progress of the show, which helps British property hunters find their dream homes abroad, also comes with difficult feelings of loss for Harman as she remembers her late colleague and friend.

Jasmine Harman and Jonnie Irwin (Getty)
Jasmine Harman and Jonnie Irwin (Getty)

“But [reaching this landmark] has also been very bittersweet,” she continued. “I still find it very hard even talking about Jonnie. It’s still very raw.”

After Irwin revealed his diagnosis publicly in 2022, Harman was impressed by his persistently positive attitude and shared how his approach has affected her own outlook on life.

“Throughout the last 20 years, I’ve had countless people who had something that has been a catalyst for them, whether that is a bereavement, health scare or other trauma,” Harman said.

“It has made people think life is for living and that is a message I would like to say to everyone today. Not only from Jonnie’s passing, but we have also lost other family members and other friends as well. It definitely makes you want to make the best of every day.”

‘A Place in the Sun’ paid tribute to late co-host Jonnie Irwin (Channel 4)
‘A Place in the Sun’ paid tribute to late co-host Jonnie Irwin (Channel 4)

Soon after his death, an episode of A Place in the Sun was dedicated to the presenter’s memory.

A tribute rolled after the credits with an image of Irwin alongside a message saying: “In memory of Jonnie Irwin 1973-2024.”

In February, Harman shared memories of her and Irwin’s time working together before Irwin’s departure from A Place in the Sun in 2021.

Reflecting on their time as co-hosts, she said: “To begin our TV careers together was a pleasure and a privilege I will be eternally grateful for.

“Almost 20 years ago, as two nervous new presenters (me perhaps more nervous than you!) little did we know about the adventure we were about to embark on, and the friends we would become.”