PKR Youth denies allegations it intentionally barred delegates from congress

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

SHAH ALAM, July 15 — PKR Youth today denied claims that it had intentionally barred several delegates and observers from entering the wing's congress this morning.

Its secretary Ahmad Syukri Razab said that according to the rules of the party, only 75 divisions were allowed to enter the congress today, as they had submitted their report and undergone Division Annual General Meetings (MATC) to choose delegates for the congress.

“If you want to be a delegate in AMK congress, there are two conditions, first the division must undergo an annual general meeting...then you have to send a report — the report must have enough signatures and a quorum,” he told reporters at the congress here, using the Malay initials for the wing.

“Second, the branch must follow a selection process, that is, for the last election, each branch must have at least eight nominations: chairman, leader, vice-leader and five committee members. If they were short by one, the division is considered ineligible to attend the congress.”

Syukri also clarified that the wing had never opened a spot for observers in the first place, as the space for the congress is limited.

“The capacity for the hall is 500 people and the delegates allowed to join the congress is 675 people.

“So we give priority to the delegates as the space is limited,” he said.

Earlier this morning, there was a small commotion at the door of the congress when a group of party members were barred from representing their divisions at the meeting.

Klang PKR Youth wing chief Mohd Shahrul Adnan in a statement slammed the organiser of the congress saying that their right to attend the congress was revoked without explanation.

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