PKR reps, N Sembilan grassroots leaders lose faith in MB as state party chief

PKR reps, N Sembilan grassroots leaders lose faith in MB as state party chief
PKR reps, N Sembilan grassroots leaders lose faith in MB as state party chief

Four PKR assemblypersons and 11 others from Negeri Sembilan PKR have declared their loss of faith in the party's state chief, Aminuddin Harun, who is also the state menteri besar.

The four elected representatives are Labu assemblyperson Ismail Ahmad, Sri Tanjung assemblyperson M Ravi, Ampangan assemblyperson Mohamad Rafie Ab Malek, and Chuah assemblyperson Michael Yek Diew Ching.

Ismail and Rafie are also PKR branch leaders and hold state executive councillor positions, while Ravi is the Negeri Sembilan state assembly deputy speaker.

Negeri Sembilan PKR has six assemblypersons, including Aminuddin (above) for Sikamat and Pilah assemblyperson Mohamad Nazaruddin Sabtu.

The remaining members of the group are leaders from six of eight PKR branches in Negeri Sembilan - Rasah, Port Dickson, Jelebu, Kuala Pilah, Rembau and Seremban.

The other two branches are Tampin, led by Aminuddin, and Jempol.

Sinar Harian reported that Negeri Sembilan PKR information chief Yusof Tapar had read out the group's joint statement and memorandum during a function yesterday.

The Malay daily also reported among signatories present were Rasah PKR chief Ismail Ahmad, Rembau PKR deputy chief Dr S Streram, Negeri Sembilan PKR Women chief Amni Idris and Jelebu PKR chief Yuz Mazmi Ahmad Yusuf.

They had primarily called for a reshuffle of the state's PKR line-up, citing a list of Aminuddin's alleged failures in managing the party.

"As state PKR chief, he (Aminuddin) had failed to lead and strengthen the divisions and all members, leading to a loss of confidence from the grassroots.

"The state chief has failed to manage and address problems at the branches by giving the best solutions, resulting in several decisions that were not in line with the party's constitution," said Yusof.

As state PKR chief, the group claimed Aminuddin failed to coordinate plans targeting supporters in identified state seats.

They said grassroots members at branch levels, as a result, failed to form election machinery as they lost interest in helping the party.

"Therefore, we believe if this situation persists, Negeri Sembilan PKR is in jeopardy when facing the next general elections," Yusof added.

The group also pledged support for PKR president Anwar Ibrahim and is expected to hand over their memorandum soon, for further actions.

Meanwhile, Yek has denied involvement with the meeting.

"I was not present when the meeting was held and therefore cannot comment.

"All party internal matters should be resolved within the party and all should abide by the party constitution with no publicity," he told Malaysiakini today.

When asked whether his name was placed in the joint statement without his approval, Yek did not comment further.

PKR's internal factionalism played a key role in the collapse of the federal government in February 2020 when its then deputy president Azmin Ali led nine other MPs to walk out of the party and join Bersatu.

Following that, a number of state administrations also switched hands, but Aminuddin withstood the trend despite Pakatan Harapan having a narrow majority of two seats with 20, compared to BN's opposition tally of 16.

Additional reporting by Alex Woon