Pittsburgh Steeler Cassius Marsh teams up with with AI entrepreneur on NFTs

Reggie Wade
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Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Cassius Marsh has teamed up with AI tech entrepreneur Kenneth Kuo on Ownr — a firm dedicated to creating, owning, and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Marsh tells Yahoo Finance that he has been in the collectible space for some time, so getting involved with NFTs —digital assets in the form of unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated —seemed like a natural progression.

“I’ve been in the collectible space for a long time. I’ve been huge into Magic, the Gathering and Pokémon and just sports cards ... and so when I was presented with the opportunity to basically, work with a company that’s creating trading cards, but digital, and then obviously with NFT’s being so successful across a couple of different businesses, it was just a great combination and an awesome opportunity for me.”

Cassius Coin — Ownr
Cassius Coin — Ownr

Ownr is a full-service artistic agency that specializes in athlete-specific NFT’s. The Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker tells Yahoo Finance that they are very cautious about what they tie themselves to as their images are of paramount importance. Marsh says that Ownr is looking to work with social media influencers, artists, and anybody who’s willing to and wanting to create some “dope NFTs” and create something for their fan base.

“With Ownr we give athletes a special opportunity to take to take part in creating these NFTs and giving guys an opportunity to share with the fans a little bit more about themselves, which I think is really special and very different,” he said. “The reason why you would invest is that it’s an alternative investment. It’s art and it’s just catching fire right now, and it’s just getting started … A lot of artists are creating their own NFTs. You know, athletes are starting to drop in. It’s the equivalent of trading cards, but digital and a lot more secure.”

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