Pittsburgh garbagemen refuse to haul away trash, mom has to do so herself as kid cries in yard

Pittsburgh garbagemen have been refusing to haul away trash, according to a local couple. Footage filmed on June 30 shows a mother forced to toss her own trash as the city workers watched her. Filmer Brian had the following to say: "The city of Pittsburgh garbagemen refused to pick up garbage two weeks in a row with no explanation until my wife with two kids had to confront them. My wife is the one throwing the trash away because the garbage men have claimed it was too heavy. They sat and watched, and even laughed. There are no rules or guidelines for the city of Pittsburgh that say anything on a trash weight. It's just the size of a can. As she was throwing the nasty garbage away the garbage men smiled as to be entitled in what they did is right. The city has yet to explain or apologize."

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