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Photo credit: Hearst


November 29, 2020

Your sign, Pisces, may have the distinction of being the only one that can actually BENEFIT from hazy Neptune’s annual retrograde. Since June 23, your mystical (yet mystifying) ruling planet has been reverse-commuting through your house of identity, raising questions you may not have enjoyed fielding but now, in hindsight, see as essential to your personal growth. Over the past five months, you might have developed new skills or tapped into a well of fortitude that you didn’t even realize you had. When Neptune corrects course on Saturday, you’ll have the opportunity to put some of these newfound talents to good use, perhaps developing a sideline business or giving yourself permission to scratch a creative itch. Virtual high five! And then, as soon as Sunday, you can begin to use these discoveries to inspire others. With grounded Saturn in your collaboration center aligned with the practical Taurus moon in your self-expression zone, you can model confidence and positivity without talking down to people. And if there is a conversation you’ve been putting off, this a perfect moment to broach the subject.

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