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Monday 24, February

This is so your kind of day, darling. The Moon and Neptune meet up in your very own dreamy constellation to put you in touch with you highest version of love and glamour. If you're feeling murky and confused, you're probably not giving yourself enough soul time. It's time to reprioritize, Pisces.

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Sunday 23, February

This is that most magical moment of the year, Pisces - the annual New Moon in your very own mystical, high-glam stars. Set intentions for your next six months and deepen your connection to your birthday wishes now, no matter whether you were born in February or March - this your moment and the lunar window lasts for three days.

Saturday 22, February

This is one of the most important weekends of your birthday season - if not the entire year. The New Moon is exact in your stars tomorrow night, but as we build toward that crucial threshold, every moment feels consequential. With a Dark Moon in Pisces, clear the slate of your psyche and release anything you want to let go of - because from tomorrow on, you're starting a brand new phase.

Friday 21, February

The planet of instant change is aligning with fiery Mars today, bringing an element of surprise into the mix. Your communication zone is lit up as is your social zone, so pay close attention to your conversations, texts, and emails with friends and colleagues. Expect the unexpected to pop up.

Thursday 20, February

Your ruler Neptune brings the cosmic medicine today in a sweet sextile with Jupiter. This can gently restore the optimism that Mercury Retrograde has blotted out in the last week or so. Tap into your hope again, Pisces - there is a well of it inside of you.

Wednesday 19, February

The Moon is in Capricorn today, asking you to focus on your social life. It's a healthy moment to reach out to friends and colleagues to reconnect, as they're likely thinking about you right now. Weed out any communication challenges right now, rather than waiting for them to get worse as the retrograde progresses.

Tuesday 18, February

Ah, darling Pisces - your birthday season begins very late tonight! It's going to be a gorgeous four weeks but note that with Mercury Retrograde also in your stars, it's likely to be a bit of a weird and wild ride this year. Either way, your whole life is illuminated right now, and you're at centre stage. Enjoy the spotlight.

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