'Pillow Fight': Mini Donkey Excitedly Hits Sofa With Pillow Over and Over Again

Hilarious footage shows a mini donkey starting what looks like a solo pillow fight at Jackass Junction farm in Marengo, Ohio.

Multiple mini donkeys were filmed chilling out around a sofa until one of the gang began to cause a ruckus. The mischievous donkey was captured grabbing a big sofa pillow with its teeth and hitting it against the sofa over and over again.

The donkey appeared to be itching for a pillow fight – even knocking against donkey sanctuary owner Dawn Fagan multiple times while she sat on the sofa.

Fagan described the antics as a “pillow fight” to Storyful.

“You all asked if they take the pillows off, answer is YES!” she wrote in the Instagram video caption.

Dawn and Dean Fagan run their own donkey sanctuary in Marengo, Ohio, on a 67-acre farm they call Jackass Junction.

The husband and wife first rescued a donkey called Mister Donker Donks, and now use the name as inspiration for the sanctuary’s Instagram account.

They care for several mini-donkeys, sharing updates on the animals alongside viral videos of them via Instagram, TikTok and other social media accounts. Credit: @mrdonkers via Storyful

Video transcript

DAWN FAGAN: What are you doing?