Piles of Onions Litter Roadside After Floods in Auckland

Hundreds of recently harvested onions piled up on the streets of Pukekohe, in New Zealand’s Auckland region, on January 28, after intense flooding swept across the region.

According to the NZ Herald, “Onions had been harvested and were drying out ready to go to market just when the floods struck.”

Chloe Kennedy, who filmed this footage, told Storyful that it was the worst flooding she had seen in many years. “Crops were destroyed, houses under water, cars floating away, many people were evacuated,” she said. “Road infrastructure is under immense pressure with multiple new road closures every day, as the roads are crumbling or simply being washed away. Very scary for many, many people.”

Local news reports citing authorities said at least four people were killed in flooding across New Zealand.

New Zealand’s Met Service warned of further heavy rain set to hit the country’s north on Tuesday. Credit: Chloe Kennedy via Storyful

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